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Travelling with Prescription Medicine. Take your Medicine!

Travel and Taking Your Medicine!

It’s important to keep in mind that travel is fun. If you can’t have fun when you travel – then stay home. But before leaving home, there are a few things to cover off. And one of the main things to get right is your own personal healthcare – basically that means – taking your medicine.

The world is full of difference – that’s why you’re travelling

Now surprise surprise, every country isn’t the same.  Try buying a pack of Panadol’s in the Philippines. I could never find the brand in Manila.  Try finding Sorbolene  in Thailand. Doesn’t happen.

Don’t ever expect that the easy OTC products that you can pick up at your local chemist /pharmacy/ drugstore /farmasi / pharmasi /apotheke will also be available in the country you are travelling to. Expect they won’t be and stock up. You’ll also find you can easily get medicine that might need a prescription in your home country OTC in lots of other lands – but that’s another story.

Get to know what the locals call it

It’s also smart to get to know what the locals call the heathcare or beauty product you are looking for –  asking for a product is a waste of time if you use the wrong name! Think about it-  some words mean very different things depending where you are. The word for poison in German is gift. Enough said.

Bring enough of your medicine for the journey

So you might need to buy medicine or health products on your travels but if there is really an important medicine you take most days – then obviously take enough of the medicine with you for your journey. Well done for bringing enough medicine, now spread it around  between your bags so everything doesn’t get lost in one go.

Check if there are customs restrictions for your medicine – before you arrive!

Also – and this is an important also so I’ll put it in bold. Also, try and check if the country you are travelling to has any restrictions on medications you can bring into the country. Some countries are really strict.

  • If the medicine is really critical to your health always have a personal  letter written by your doctor with their contact details  confirming this medicine is prescribed for your health and the details of the dosage.
  • Carry the prescription for the medicine  with the letter in a sealed plastic bag that you carry together with the medicine.
  • Come to think of it –  make some copies too.
  • And it may even  be extra smart to get a translation made if you are going to a country that could be challenging.

But do check online as your first step -to verify, just check for example:

What restrictions are there bringing medicine into Spain?

If you are still not sure contact the country’s consulate or embassy. I

It’s so much easier to get this stuff out of the way when you’re relaxed at home with all the technology and connectivity rather than ……….. 6am queue at a busy arrivals hall in a new foreign country for the first time, tired and hungry after a sleepless and  delayed flight,  and ………………

Peter Aspin

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