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Skin Care for Men – Hints on Travel Skin Care

I am always amazed by guys who never use moisturizer and then I see them gently rubbing special leather nourishing crème onto their favourite. boots. What about your favourite face? The only one you have. Isn’t that skin ? Doesn’t that deserve a bit of nourishing now and then too? It’s just being sensible to take care of it – same like your favourite pair of boots.

Women get the idea but sometimes they go over the top and they do too much instead of too little –  while too many guys tend to do nothing at all, zilch.  The main thing is to understand your skin type and keep your skin care in balance – adjusting when you need – but at least do something!

Travel can really affect your skin and you need to know that, you’ll probably feel it, but it’s easy to drop a skin routine when the sights and sounds and taste and textures are anything but routine. But take it from me – nourishing routines are really important in life. They keep you grounded. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, just taking your pills or even skin care regimens – don’t stop taking care of yourself – skin care for men matters, no matter where you are.

Here are a few hints to take care of your favourite face while you are climbing Mt Everest, swimming the English Channel, trekking across Antarctica and solo circumnavigating the globe in your canoe.

I. Cleansing in the Morning.

  1. Cleanser: Men’s skin care begins in your morning staring at the mirror or your reflection in a window or whatever with a gentle cleanser. I recommend the “Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash”. It cleans you up and makes you feel good.
  2. Exfoliating: Use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week, it’s just getting read of dead skin cells and keeping you perky.. “Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub” is a good choice. Also try an Australian brand Charles+Lee.

II. Hydration and Moisturization

  • Moisturizer: Keeping your skin moisturized is crucial, especially when traveling to different climates. Keep it simple. I suggest Cetaphil. It’s very widely available.
  • Sunscreen: A good sunscreen is pretty important. Never use one and you’ll know about it later in life. Make sure to buy it from a country that’s sunny. It’s a  bit like umbrella’s – you wouldn’t buy one from a manufacturer based in a desert. Beaches, deserts, mountains, even walking the streets without a hat on a hot day. Get some cover. I like Bondi Sands. Australians know all about skin protection. They live on the  driest continent on earth.

III. Special Stuff.

  • Eye Cream: Long flights, long nights, long emails. It all adds up to dark patches and a bit of puffiness. I like Kiehl’s Vitamin C Eye Serum.
  • Spot Treatment: They’ll go soon enough but if strange food or stress or big city pollution – (hello New Delhi!) cause a reaction – just go with Neutrogena Rapid Clear.

IV. Hydration. Hydration

  • You don’t need hydrating mists although they can be ok. Just keep your liquids up. Think water before you enter the plane cabin. Think water before you get in the taxi. Think water before you get in that long immigration queue.

V. After-Sun Care

  • After a big day out on the yacht or surfing or just messing around snorkeling and playing by the sea, besides getting your liquids, it’s nice to treat your skin once you’re out of that sunlight stuff. Get some Aesop Petitgrain Reviving Body Gel. Once again, Australia.

VI. Pack it well.

  • Fit for Travel: It’s no use getting the right products if they leak all over the place or you can’t remember where you packed them. Get specific. Think about colored zip bags, crush proof containers. Bright colors. And always put the stuff  back in their special home so you get a routine going for next time.
  • Toiletry bags: Toiletry bags can be overrated. If you use two or three rugged and  sealable see-through bags they’ll do the job. You don’t need some fancy leather toiletry bag with embroidery and some coat of arms. You are not shooting a movie, you’re living life. But a good toiletry bag can make sense – just don’t go over the top on this gentleman’s accessories stuff. Main thing is the bag has to be washable. Must be. Seen too many accidents. Yuck.

That’s the end of that show.

Men, take care of your skin, its where your body meets the world. Your skin reflects your emotions, it protects your organs, it’s good stuff. Give it some love, every day –  especially when you’re travelling.


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